About Us

Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd is a widely recognized company established by a group of trekking and travel professionals with experience guide and Sherpas in Nepal. Our staffs are more then 8 year experience on the field of adventure trekking and explore touring in Nepal. Our trekking guides are well trained and has license from government. We offer great opportunities for making your holiday success and memorable. We are specialized in nature& cultural Tours, Trekking, Wildlife excursion, Rafting with more adventure Climbing & Para Treks and many more… Why trek/tour arrange with Aroma Nepal Treks?               Nepal, a country of amazing extremes, is the home of the world's highest mountain (Mt. Everest 8848 meters), historic cities, most preserved wildlife parks, white water Rivers, and many more. It is only a single tourist destination in the world where one can easily observe a varying range of activities like trekking in the hidden valley, mountaineering in Himalayan peaks, rafting down to the gushing rivers, sight seeing in the age old cultural cities, watching interesting as well as rare flora and fauna in well preserved national parks and having air adventure trips such as Paragliding, hand gliding, hot air ballooning etc. In fact enchantment is everywhere for all in search of Shangri-La. If you are looking for all of these adventures and excitement in your life, then here is Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition {P.} Ltd. One of the governments recognized, leading & well experienced trekking company in Pokhara, run by trekking & tour professional in Nepal.
Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd has been registered in:
-Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry, and Commerce office of the Company Registrar: No: 53386/064/065.
-Nepal Government, Ministry of Industries, Department of cottage and small scale Industries, Office of the cottage and small scale Industries, Kaski: No- 5869/064/65.
-Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Tourism Office, Pokhara: no: 52/065/66.
-Government of Nepal, Inland Revenue Office
Permanent Account Number (PAN): 302935305

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 Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition {P.} Ltd. is a licensed trekking company & managed by professional team. Each year we research new destination & itineraries. Our major target is to provide you with an ecstatic natural variety that will really hypnotize you forever. Our head office in Lakeside, Pokhara and we have sister company in Kathmandu also.

                We are better know as having advanced and quality equipments, experienced and qualified staffs, friendly & responsible crew, professional zed service, safety and health care, team spirit, consciousness about nature, effective management of garbage disposal etc. We give every year’s refreshment training to your staff so that they can give your information about Altitude Mountain Sickness, local tradition & culture, mountain of Nepal and campsite management. Our guide will always carry the first aid kit box incase of emergency accidents. The highlight of our trip is the interaction with our trekking crew. The time you spend with our guides learning of their culture and sharing their sense of humor will definitely provide you some unforgettable memories. 5% of net profit will be allocated for the intelligent but poor students as scholarship as well as other social works.

For this all please feel free to write us: aroma@fewanet.com.np